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Guangzhou Jinwanzheng Printing Material Co., Ltd. is a self-adhesive product enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, and user technical support and service. The company has many R&D talents in polymer, polymer, material science, coating and printing technology. Talents who have been engaged in R&D and production for more than 10 years and with a bachelor degree or above account for 1/3 of the company’s employees. We focus on self-adhesive materials The research and development of anti-counterfeiting performance, barrier performance, printing performance, peeling performance and its application fields have obtained a number of invention and utility model patents authorized by the National Patent Office.

Product number Face material Adhesive The end of paper
PL1150-6227 Light silver PE (hose) 2819 80 g white glassine
GCX544-8019 Plain laser PE (hose) 2819 80 g white glassine
GCX744-8019 White hose film A 2819 80 g white glassine
GCX844-8019 Clear hose (matte) 2819 80 g white glassine
CPE744-6219 White PE hose film 2819 62 g white glassine
CPE844-6219 Transparent PE hose film 2819 62 g white glassine

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