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My heart is always there, thank you for having you ---- To all visitors to the South China International Printing and Label Exhibition

My heart is always there, thank you for having you ---- To all visitors to the South China International Printing and Label Exhibition

As a supplier of self-adhesive materials, Guangzhou Jinwanzheng Printing Materials Co., Ltd. participated in the highly anticipated [2017 South China International Printing Exhibition], [China International Label Exhibition], and [China Packaging Industry Exhibition] on March 1-3, 2017 】 【Packaging Products Exhibition】, the four exhibitions are linked together, and the scheduled exhibition period has been completed. The curtain came to a successful conclusion on the afternoon of the 3rd! In the three-day industry event, Jin Wanzheng launched for the first time the industry's first metal surface washable and removable beer and beverage label material, and the anti-microbial sealing label material that can be peeled off multiple times for food packaging. It is also pressure-sensitive. The solvent residue of the adhesive refers to the national standard for food-grade packaging (GB/T10004-2008) for the first time, and creatively puts forward test standards and methods (invention patents) for the residual glue level test of pressure-sensitive adhesive products. Attracted thousands of industry users and audiences and won unanimous praise from the industry. Hereby, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the old and new friends who have visited and paid attention to the Jin Wanzheng booth, and the industry technical experts who care about and support Jin Wanzheng's continuous innovation! The industry exhibition is also a grand event to promote the technical exchange and progress of the industry. During the exhibition, Jin Wanzheng received the care, guidance and affirmation of industry experts. Special thanks to Mr. Li Zhen, Senior Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager of Siai (Hefei) Packaging Co., Ltd. in China, Mr. Zhang Dongning, Equipment Manager of Sealed Air China AMAT, and Mr. Duan Canyong, Technical Manager. Jin Wanzheng, who has grown up sturdily, is fully grateful for words! We will not forget our original intention, take continuous innovation as our mission, and take technology, professionalism, quality, and service as our corporate spirit. We will work hand in hand with you to open up and improve the broad market for the application of adhesive materials.
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